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Expertise. Efficiency. Experience. Empathy

A boutique private lender specializing in providing immediate business financing solutions to fund your working capital needs and personal cashflow* when the banks can’t or won’t (do it for you).

In-Principle approval in 48 Hours

Typical Funding in 3 to 7 Business Days

Customised loan programs based on clients’ current financial situations, plans and goals.

Our S.T.A.B.L.E. Competitive Edge

  • Security – A strict legal conveyancing process for all loan transactions. 
  • Transparency –No upfront or hidden fee; payment only upon loan disbursement.
  • Accessibility –Access to your fundings as soon as 48 hours upon loan acceptance.
  • Bendability – Tailored, flexible funding solutions for your unique needs
  • Leverage – Secure additional funds or liquidity through our established valuation network.
  • Efficiency –72-hour loan approval with funds disbursed within 2 to 14 days thereafter.

Our process is smooth, fast and efficient

We offer primarily fast business fundings based on either uncollateralised &/or asset-based business loan agreements.

You will be notified on the outcome of your loan application within 48 hours upon our receipt of full set of required documents.

We aim to fund your approved business loans within 72 hours from your formal acceptance of our loan offer (disbursement shall still be subjected to final completion of the necessary legal documentations.

Personal Loans (for Accredited Investor Only)

Although our primary business is in providing business loans, we also do offer personal loans programs, provided that you are qualified as an “Accredited Investors” by means of:

We understand opportunities may present themselves and you need to act fast. Our modern thinking approach guarantees that once approved you can receive your finance as soon as you are ready.

The application process is simple and completed online in minutes. Before applying, you can even check your eligibility.

Please speak to us today or apply online. – We are open 7 days a week.

Stop the Search, you've found us

We have a specialist department solely providing new start up businesses with: Start Up Funding or loans to purchase a business, start-up capital and general cash flow finance. Our huge experience means that no matter how unusual your requirements are, we already understand how to help.

You have the flexibility to settle the finance agreements early and there are no additional penalties for doing so. You simply add together all of the contractual payments that would have fallen due on the agreement and apply a discount of 10% off future interest due and this will form the settlement figure.

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