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Bridging Loan

Your short-term financing solution

A bridge loan is short-term financing used to stay afloat while waiting for other funding with more favorable terms to come through. If you knew you had a high expectation of receiving a loan in the next few months or were waiting to close a round of funding, you might use a bridge loan until you received the funds from the new deal.

Bridge loans may be paid back in terms anywhere from 3 – 18 months and typically have daily or weekly payments. However, a bridge loan could be a good option if you just need the cash in the short-term and will soon be getting a more permanent source of funding.

Bridging Loan
(Sales Proceeds)
Bridging Loan
(Credit Facilities)
Property Residential, Commercial & IndustrialResidential, Commercial & Industrial
ProfileOwners who just sold their properties but need fast access to the sales proceeds before the usual 3-month completion period. Owners who just accepted the Letter of Offer (“LO”) from a private lending institution but need immediate access to the cash-out term loan facilities prior to the completion of the legal conveyancing process (typically about 4 to 6 weeks).
Purpose Funds are used mainly for settlement of their immediate personal debt obligations with the banks, IRAS, MSCT &/or other unsecured creditors in order not to delay completion of the property sale. For their business working capital or personal use.
LTVUp to 80% of expected sales proceeds to be received by the owners. Up to 90% of the fresh cash-out term loan facilities.
Disbursement Within 3 working days from loan approval.Within 3 working days from loan approval.
Loan Tenure Up to completion date of property sale.Up to loan disbursement date.
Others Loan & Interest are to be fully repaid only on completion date.Loan & Interest are to be fully repaid only on loan disbursement date.
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