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Business Loan


Business incorporated in Singapore (including LLP, Sole proprietorship)

Business ownership with at least 30% of the company owned by Singaporeans / PR

Satisfactory credit rating of guarantors &/or shareholders

At least 3 months of operating revenue

A private business loan is provided by an alternative funding source instead of a traditional brick-and-mortar bank. Here are several different types of private business financing your business can use:

a) Business Term Loan ("BTL"):

Loan Amount: From $20,000/- to $150,000/-

  • Rates: From 2.88% per month
  • Tenure: Maximum 6 months
  • Approval & Funding Time: Within 5 working days

We will provide and disburse BTL in one lump sum and there is typically no restriction to the loan usage, which can then be used for various business needs, such as inventory purchase, payroll, marketing campaigns etc. Additional fees, like facility fee and early prepayment fees, may apply during / after loan disbursement.

b) Long Term Business Term Loan / Property-Backed Business Term Loan ('PBTL"):

  • Loan Amount: From $100,000/- to $1,500,000/-
  • Rates: From 1.88% per month
  • Tenure: Up to 24 months
  • Approval & Funding Time: With 1 week from acceptance of our loan offer

Best suited for companies which are looking for HIGHER loan quantum, LOWER interest rate, LONGER loan tenure (of up to 24-month repayment term) and FASTER loan approval, we might require the company &/or its company directors to pledge their properties (Private residential, commercial &/or industrial) as collaterals for the loan.


Common Requirements

For Private Business Funding

Depending on the lender and loan type, the company directors might be required to provide personal guarantor &/or to put up some form of collateral. Beyond that, here are some of the standard documents required for our credit assessment:


  • A brief write-up of existing business model and future plans, if any.
  • Audited financial statements for past 2 years
  • Management accounts
  • Bank statements for past 6 months
  • Declaration of Company Borrowings (amount, instalment and loan balance)
  • Latest Debtors’ Ageing Report
  • Guarantor’s Credit Bureau Report
  • Guarantor’s Income Tax Returns for past 2 years
  • CPF Property Withdrawal Statement (for PBBTL only)

Pros and Cons of Private Business Loans

A private business loan can give business owners some financial breathing room. They can be used for many kinds of expenses and can prevent folks from using their personal savings to cover business expenses. But, like anything else, private business loans have their advantages and drawbacks.




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